HEj, I’m Stina.

I'm so happy to see you here!


I'm a yarn enthusiast living in Göteborg, Sweden. I share my apartment with two little ones, my partner and his teenage daughter, and a Birma/Norwegian forest cat. And yarn. And long lists of projects I want to cast on as soon as I have a second to spare. 

I grew up around a lot of fabric and yarn, and making of most sorts really. Both my parents have a passion for making and DIY. Yarn, fabric, wood work and music was always present in my childhood and I grew up with the out look of life that if you want something - make it! Having children myself now, I try extra hard to live by that and pass that view of life on to them, because I believe that anything (or at least a LOT of it)you can dream of you can make with you own two hands. Stinixa Knits is a part of that, it's a place where I collect the designs and products that helps me, and hopefully you, to make those things that we dream of.

I draw most of my inspiration from my childhood. Being born in the early '80s fueled my love for pastels. I would spend a lot of time out doors growing up, both by the Gulf of Bothnia and the woods that were next doors. As much as I didn't appreciate it during my teens, I now value all that time spent meditating on a tree stump in the middle of the forest or by the sea staring into the horizon. A pink polkadot pine tree by the sea would be my spirit tree, but a regular pine tree will do just fine until the world is taken over by the unicorns. 

I'd love to get to know you, so please connect and tell me about yourself! What is your spirit tree? What Netflix series you think is the best knitting companion? or just about anything else you'd like to share. Use the form below or simply e-mail me at hello@stinixaknits.com

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